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Dear GAOMON fans,

We’re happy to be here and tell you GAOMON Blog is started up! Except articles which are about current trending stories, artist stories, drawing, painting, or GAOMON product review etc. are posted by our editors, you’re also welcomed to write for us, if you have ever wanted to share your wisdom with the rest of the world!
There is no experience required. It’s easy! What you should do is to think out of an idea that you want to share and type it out.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Product Reviews
  • Art Tech News
  • Artist Stories
  • Drawing Work Introduction
  • Your Own Drawing Learning Stories
  • Skill tutorials about how to Draw with Tablets
  • Other Stories/Article about Art which you want to release

There is no specific limitation about the topic. The only topic requirement is that articles should be fresh, original and relevant with art.

Requirements about Article

  • Videos, plain text, text with florescent pictures are all acceptable.
  • Summary about the post content
  • Blog link if you had one
  • Short biography within 150 words, a headshot or photo of you to use for your bio
  • Address of your social accounts (Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc) if you want to promote

How to submit article


GAOMON have a right to edit the articles which we approve as well as upload to Offical SNS accounts. All opinion in the article only could be persional opinion but not represent GAOMON. Authors who contribute articles agree all GAOMON statement and right after GAOMON receive the articles.


What You Can Get

There is no reward, but GAOMON will promote your article. The article will be posted on our GAOMON Blog and SNS Accounts






Do I Need Experience?

No, you do not need any experience.

My English Isn’t Perfect, Can I Apply?

You need to write for us in English, but it doesn’t need to be perfect.  We will help you to fix your English grammar and spelling.

Can I Write Anonymously?

Yes, you can write under a ‘pseudonym’ or nickname that is not your real name.

Who Owns My Work?

As a freelancer, you retain legal copyright on your work.  We are merely licensing it to publish on our website/Blog/Facebook/Twitter/other GAOMON SNS.

What If My Article Isn’t Approved?

When you submit your article, it will be reviewed by our team. If there are any problems you can edit the article again.