How to Choose a Pen Tablet for Beginners

How to Choose a Pen Tablet for Beginners

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If you want to enter the digital painting circle, you start by buying a pen tablet, but your eyes are dazzled when you open the website, and you still don’t know which one to buy? There are even a bunch of questions: Which brand should I choose? What size should I buy? What cost-effective pen tablet are there?  In fact, all of the above can be easily solved. This article will solve your problems from the perspective of a veteran tablst painter. Follow me below to see how to choose your favorite pen tablet! (See the end of the article, the answer is naturally there~)

1. Clarify the purpose of purchasing the tablet. For online courses, just buy an entry-level tablet; if it is used to learn painting, you can consider an entry-level tablet with a slightly higher price. If you are a professional painter, it is recommended to choose a professional-level tablet with stronger performance. 

2. Budget. Sufficient budget: you can buy a pen tablet with higher configuration, skilled technology and more security. The budget is not high: choose a brand with high cost performance, affordable price but guaranteed quality. 

3. What size do you need to buy. The dimensions here refer to the dimensions of the painting work area. If it is connected to a computer, you need to buy a larger one, which is more operable; if you consider portability, or like to connect to a mobile phone to draw, you can choose a small tablet that is light and portable.

Brand Introduction

Wacom, the benchmark in the industry, is well-known, and most professionals are using Wacom. Huion, GAOMON, XPPEN and other brands are affordable and cost-effective, suitable for beginners and advanced users.

Tablet Recommendation

1. Entry-level, in the price range of less than $100, GAOMON can be called: the King of Cost-Effectiveness. (1) GAOMON S620, taking into account portability and cost effectiveness, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, equipped with 4 Programmable Press Keys, is one of GAOMON’s perennial best-selling product.


If you like mobile phone painting, or prefer small tablets, here we recommend GAOMON S630, the cartoon pattern on the tablet is very cute, 8192-level pressure sensitivity, with battery-free stylus, working area 129.4 x80.8mm, very suitable for connection cell phone.

If you want to use a computer to connect to a pen tablet for drawing, if you feel that it is unnecessary to buy one that is too expensive, and if you are worried about it being too cheap, you may wish to consider it. GAOMON M106K PRO, with a working area of 254×158.8 mm, is more convenient to draw large pictures. It has many customized shortcut keys , which is very friendly for novices to get used to tablet drawing.


2. Advanced class, the price is slightly higher, $200~400. If you are a little more advanced, WACOM CTL-672 is a good choice, but there is a disadvantage that it only supports computer work, and cannot support tablets and mobile phones. So you need to pay attention to this when purchasing.

3. Professional grade, high price, more than $500, suitable for newcomers who have a budget and pursue the ultimate experience. WACOM is the benchmark in the industry, and its Intuos series is very good, and many professionals use this series. Those who have this need can go to WACOM official website ( ) to learn more.

Summary and Recommendations

What painting pursues is the progress and improvement of painting technology. If we blindly pursue the improvement of tools, we are putting the cart before the horse. The hand-drawing tablet is a drawing tool, and the parameters of the pen tablet are not directly related to the improvement of the user’s painting level. No matter how high the parameters are, the pen tablet is only an auxiliary tool. A good pen tablet will bring a comfortable experience, but it will not directly improve the level of drawing. So here are my two suggestions: 

1. Do what you can. Good tools are important, but hands and brains are more important. There are many masters who have used the cheapest tablet for many years, but painted the best works. Therefore, you can choose according to your own economic strength, and there is no need to blindly pursue the best and most expensive. 

2. Try it yourself. Everyone has different feelings about products and different needs, so other people’s opinions can only be used as a reference, and the products that are really suitable for you need to be discovered by yourself.

Here I want to say: Maybe just like Harry Potter buying a wand, the moment you hold it in your hand, you know which one is best for you.

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