35% Discount Deals in July 2019 — US, CA, & AU Amazon

35% Discount Deals in July 2019 — US, CA, & AU Amazon

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US, CA, & AU Amazon stores are holding huge discount sales in July.  Not only sale price, but also LD (Lighting Deal) and Prime Day Coupon promotional events, which only run on Amazon Prime Day, are available. Different items have different discounts at different times. Please check the charts based on your country.

This page lists out discount deals that are shipped to America, Canada, & Australia.

Ship to Europe, please go EU Stores to order

Ship to Japan, please go JP Store to order

Remark: our undetermined-date events are waiting Amazon to approve the specific dates. Once approved, we’ll update the specific dates.

Deals for all customers

Below promotions (Sale Price & Coupon) are for all Americans, Canadians & Australians and you don’t need to be an Amazon Prime Member.

Sale Price

PD1560 US 1 ~ 31 July 359.15 USD 305 USD 15% LINK
M106K US 11~17 July 59.99 USD 50.99 USD 15% LINK
S620 US 1~31 July 39.99 USD 25.99 USD 35% LINK
M106K CA 11~17 July 69.99 CAD 59.99 CAD 14% LINK
S56K CA 11~17 July 36.99 CAD 33.29 CAD 10% LINK
S620 CA 1~31 July 58.99 CAD 38.34 CAD 35% LINK
S620 AU 1~31 July 58.99 AUD 38.34 AUD 35% LINK
M106K AU 1~31 July 82.99 AUD 66.39 AUD 20% LINK
M106K SET AU 1~31 July 107.9 AUD 86.32 AUD 20% LINK
M10K 2018 AU 1~31 July 92.99 AUD 79.04 AUD 15% LINK
S56K AU 1~31 July 49.99 CAD 39.99 CAD 20% LINK
PD1560 AU 1~31 July 569 AUD 426.75 AUD 25% LINK
GB4 AU 1~31 July 59.99 AUD 49.99 AUD 16% LINK


PD1560 US 1 Aug. ~ 30 Sep. 359.15 USD 323.24 USD 10% LINK
M106K US 18 ~ 31 July 59.99 USD 53.99 USD 10% LINK
M106K SET US 1 ~ 31 July 69.99 USD 59.49 USD 15% LINK
M10K 2018 US 11~17 July 75.99 USD 60.79 USD 20% LINK
S56K US 11~17 July 33.69 USD 26.99 USD 20% LINK
PD1560 CA 16 ~ 31 July 499 CAD 449.1 CAD 10% LINK
M106K CA 18 ~ 31 July 69.99 CAD 62.99 CAD 10% LINK
GB4 CA 1 Jul. ~ 30 Sep. 48.99 CAD 44.09 CAD 10% LINK

Deals for Amazon Prime Members

Brief introduction of Amazon Prime Day
Amazon Prime Day is one of the Internet’s biggest shopping events. It’s more like Black Friday and the best opportunity to stock up on gifts for this year on Amazon.

Last year in 2018, Prime Day started at 3 P.M. ET (Eastern Time) on July 16 and ran for 36 hours through July 17. During this time, hundreds of thousands of products, from tech and appliances to daily clothing, were discounted. GAOMON also joined this discount party.

This year, Prime Day is upcoming and predicted around middle July. The exact time is not announced yet. If you, however, have a wish list and hope to get better discounts, you can mark your calendar now.

You must be an Amazon Prime member to Enter Lighting Deal & Deal of The Day

Prime Day deals are available only to Amazon Prime members. Amazon raised the price of a Prime membership from $99 to $119 last year. However, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime and cancel it before your trial ends. Thus, it’s better to sign up the trial after Amazon announces the exact date of Prime Day 2019.

Prime Day Lighting Deal

Lighting Deal has a time limit. All Lightning Deals are exclusive to Prime Members on Prime DayIf you cancel your order for a Lightning Deal, you won’t be able to place an order for that same Lightning Deal again, even if it is still running. Click to get rules of Lighting Deal.

Remember to be a Prime member before snapping up your favorite pen tablets/ display tablets. Below is Lighting Deal details:

PD1560 CA 11:50 AM ~ 5:50 PM,
15 July (PDT)
499 CAD 399.2 CAD 20% LINK
M106K SET CA 6:50 AM ~ 12:50 PM,
15 July (PDT)
91.01 CAD 72.8 CAD 20% LINK
M10K 2018 CA 2:40 PM ~ 8:40 PM,
21 July (PDT)
86.99 CAD 69.59 CAD 20% LINK

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