What should I do if the PD1161 screen is scratched

What should I do if the PD1161 screen is scratched

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You may be confused about why the PD1161 screen gets scratched after short time use. This article will tell you the truth that PD1161 originally comes with a protective AG film and the scratches are on the protective film, but not on the tablet screen.

PD1161 comes with Anti-glare film pre-applied on the screen

Our product PD1161 is originally affixed with a screen protector. The screen protector is to prevent the PD1161 from being scratched during international shipping.

GAOMON PD1161 Drawing Pen Display

There are scratches on the screen after short time use? 

When you receive the tablet, there will be a note to ask you to remove the first layer (marked as layer 2 ) before using the actual AG film (marked as layer 1).

After you peel off the outside layer 2 according to the note, there is actually another layer remained on PD1161 and it is the actual real gift film that we pre-applied in our factory as a gift for you. So actually the scratches are on the protector AG film layer 1, not on the screen of PD1161.

The Screen Protector of PD1161

–If it doesn’t affect work too much then you could keep the current film.

–If the film affect your work very much, you could peel off the film directly. The pen nib won’t scratch the screen glass. Don’t worry about that.

How to recognize whether there is AG film applied on your PD1161?

If the PD1161 surface is very glassy and you can see your own face clearly, that means there is no AG film applied on. If you cannot see your own face clearly when sitting in front of it, that means there is AG film applied on it. You can choose to keep it or remove it.

GAOMON PD1161 Pen Display

How to replace the screen protector?

If you feel that the screen protector is scratched during use, and you like the feeling to draw on the film, we recommend you to replace the screen protector. And GAOMON sells PD1161 protect AG film on Amazon . Please contact GAOMON service for the purchase link.

If you need a tutorial on applying a screen protector, please refer to the following FAQ.  ►【Apply Screen Protector on the Display of PD1560?

If you have any confusion with our products, please feel free to contact us. We’re always here for you. You can submit your issue from here ►【GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM】

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