Product Launch News — GAOMON S630&S830

Product Launch News — GAOMON S630&S830

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Cool Tablet for Personalized Creation

—— GAOMON S630&S830 Released to Capture Your Inspiration

28, October 2021, GAOMON introduced two pen tablets, S830 (larger than S630 tablet), to meet the request of designers, digital artists and art school students for an individualized drawing device.

The work area of S630&S830

  • Appearance and size

6-inch S630 is thin, slim and easy-to-carry; 8-inch S830 can provide relatively more space for drawing and writing. The integrated pen tablet is sleek and compact with a cool, novel and trendy appearance. To distinguish itself from other pen tablets in the market and enable users to fully express their individuality, the drawing panel on S630/S830 is specially designed with pattern of planets, rockets, flying saucers and other cool elements. The cartoon panel is supposed to stimulate the imagination of creators and provide a personalized creation experience.

  • 4 Shortcut keys

Four shortcut keys with rounded triangle shape are symmetrically and orderly arranged on the top of the panel, which is user-friendly for left-handed and right-handed users as merely one hand can completely take care of these four keys. The keys which support continuous input when long pressed are responsive and customizable. When the driver is installed, users can define the functions of press keys as undo, eraser, zoom in/out, increase/decrease the brush size, etc. In addition, S630/S830 has a wavy wrist rest, anti-slip and supporting the wrist well.

  • Battery-free pen

Equipped with a battery-free digital pen ArtPaint AP32 pen, GAOMON S630/S830 pen can provide users with a smooth and comfortable drawing experience. Because of the 266PPS report rate, 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 5080LPI pen resolution, lines with different widths and shapes can be reproduced naturally and instantly as the pressure applied to changes. The instant capture of every pen movement helps to grab your inspiration immediately without lagging.

Feature of S630&S830

  • OS/Software support

GAOMON S630/S830 supports connection to various devices. Users can connect it to a computer through a Micro USB cable, or to an Android phone/tablet through an adapter for convenient creation. The strong compatibility of S630/S830 ensures smooth running on mainstream operating systems (Windows, macOS and Android), as well as diverse drawing, designing and office software.

  • Use case

S630/S830 can be applied to e-signing, OSU games, photo editing, and especially online classes. With Zoom, OBS, or other recording/live streaming software that has a whiteboard, pen tablet S630/S830 can help teachers with intuitive courses and bring more vitality to online classroom.

More Information About S630&S830:

GAOMON S630 and S830 are now available on Amazon, GAOMON official store and AliExpress. Come and choose a proper pen tablet to explore more possibilities of your individual life.

S630 S680
Work Area(PC Mode) 129.4 x80.8mm 172.3×107.7mm
Working Area(Phone Mode)
80.8*45.4mm(16:9) 107.7*60.6mm(16:9)
Dimension 190.8*177*6mm 235*215*7.5mm
Pen Technology Battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance Battery-free Electromagnetic Resonance
Shortcut Keys 4 Programmable Shortcut Keys 4 Programmable Shortcut Keys
Net Weight 168g 346g
Pressure Level 8192 Levels 8192 Levels
What’s in the box? Pen Tablet S630, Battery-free Pen AP32, Book Mark, Micro USB, Pen Nibs*8, Pen Nib Clip, Quick Start Guide Pen Tablet S680, Battery-free Pen AP32, Book Mark, Micro USB, Pen Nibs*8, Pen Case, Pen Nib Clip, Pen Nib Bag, Quick Start Guide
Package Picture S630 Packing List S830 Packing List


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