Beginner’s Guide :Take You to Understand the Parameters of the Tablet

Beginner’s Guide :Take You to Understand the Parameters of the Tablet

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When a novice starts choosing a tablet, the parameters of a digital tablet can be overwhelming So, I will show you what the parameters of the pen tablet mean in this article!

Drawing Area Size

Q: Doesn’t size refer to the size of the entire tablet? A: Yes! The size here does not refer to the size of the entire digital tablet, but refers to the area that can be manipulated with a digital pen. In addition to the drawing area of the tablet, there are also shortcut key areas, so they cannot all respond to the digital pen. The effective use area is divided into three types: small, medium and large:

Small size is about half of A5 paper

Medium size is about half of A4 paper

The large size is about a piece of A4 paper

The usage habit of the panel size depends on the individual situation. But for beginners, buying a medium or large size is the basis. When using the tablet for the first time, to adapt to the separation of hands and eyes, the proportion needs to be adapted to the size of the display screen. If it is too small, it is difficult to grasp. Take WACOM as an example, the drawing area is divided into 160x100mm (small size), 224x148mm (medium size), 311x216mm (large size), the size of different brands and models will be different, normally choose the medium size can meet the needs of use.

But if you are drawing with a mobile phone, you can choose a small tablet , which is easy to carry.

Digital Pen

Holding a digital pen to operate a computer on the pen tablet is actually like holding a mouse to control a computer, the principle is the same. At present, most of Gaumont’s digital pens are passive wireless, i.e. they do not need to be charged and operate the tablet by electromagnetic induction. It is very easy to use .

Pressure Level


What does pressure mean? In layman’s terms, when you draw on paper, your priorities vary in thickness and depth. The pressure sense is to let you draw on the tablet, the lines or colors in the painting software will change in thickness and depth according to the severity of your force. Pressure sensitivity is the sensitivity of the pen tablet to the change of your pen force. The thickness of the line depends on the pressure sensitivity. There are four levels of pressure sensitivity for pen tablets on the market: 512, 1025, 2048, and 8192. The more common ones are 1025 and 2048, and 8192 belongs to the master level. The higher the level, the more delicate the brushstroke changes and the better the user experience. However, some beginners feel that the pressure sensitivity is too high and difficult to control. You can set the pressure sensitivity in the driver to suit your hand feeling.

Read Speed

The reading speed refers to the sensing speed of the pen tablet when the pen is written, and the synchronization rate displayed on the display. Common reading speeds are 133/150/200/220/266. The faster the speed, the less the delay will be felt. In addition, the delay of digital digital painting is also related to the configuration of the computer, and the memory, graphics card and CPU may all be affected.

Display Resolution

GAOMON PD1610 Resolution

In a sense, it can be understood as pixels. In addition to the digital tablet, there is another tool called a digital screen (a digital tablet with a screen). We understand the display screen of the digital display as a square, which is composed of countless squares, so the higher the resolution, the more squares in this square area, the more squares, the more data to read, the accuracy The higher the value, the clearer and more delicate the picture quality will be, and the higher the accuracy of the lines when drawing. (The current common resolutions are 2540, 3048, 4000 and 5080).

Sponse Height

When the digital pen clicks on the pen tablet, it can be sensed normally. But when the pen has not clicked on the computer, when the pen is suspended above the pen tablet, the computer has a cursor display, and the cursor can be moved. This height is the sensing height.

Customized Shortcut Keys

When drawing with a computer, the commonly used software is PS, SAI or CSP. There are many functions on the software panel. The use of these functions can greatly improve the efficiency and level of painting. When you are drawing and need to use a certain shortcut key or mouse, due to the distance between the devices, it will be very time-consuming to operate, then the custom shortcut keys on the pen tablet (digital screen) will remember you Most of the shortcut keys are set, which greatly reduces the operation time and improves the drawing efficiency. Many people are used to using the keyboard tablet, but for novices, it is very cumbersome to memorize the shortcut functions on the keyboard. There are programmable shortcut keys on the tablet, which can be set on driver according to user habits, so the more user-friendly the customized shortcut keys are for novices.

GAOMON PD1610 Customizable Keys

Having said that, everyone must practice hard after buying the hand-painted pen tablet, and don’t give up halfway~ Well, the article ends here! I hope it helps you, if you have any doubts, you can leave a message in the comment area, and you will reply when you see it!

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