The Most Important Step to Be Great Is to Step out First

The Most Important Step to Be Great Is to Step out First

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You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great

Hi, everyone! Today I’ll introduce to you an important theory that might improve your digital drawing or even change your life. I might offer you some examples but they’re not to persuade you to start running or even not to advertise our products. I’m here to ask you to start your drawing learning and grow up with our company. We begin to open GAOMON blog in order to offer you something useful and interesting. Even at the beginning, our first post might be lame but just like a quote from Zig Ziglar, the most famous American writer, motivational speaker, and trainer, says “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”

If not now, when?

This figure comes from the Planet Blog.

Everyone desires to be great at something and nobody dreams of being an average. But they always struggle at the beginning stage. They want to lose weight, but they don’t want others seeing them struggling to run a meter. They want to learn drawing, but they are scared that a cheap tool might lead them failed to learn quickly and perfectly. Several years have passed. They looked back and filled with regret.

Have you ever planned to lose weight by running? Maybe some of your friends have planned to do so. But at last, few have reached the goal. That is not a difficult task but why? It might because you didn’t have a pair of professional running shoes. Someone has told you good shoes are better to protect your feet from hurting or even from suffering fasciitis. But professional running shoes were so expensive. They were out of your affordable. So you told yourself to save money for pro shoes and then began your journey to lose weight. Hypothetically you have saved enough money for a pair, in fact, other reasons might cause your plan to be aborted, the bad weather might curb you in your house for several days. And finally the day is clear and comfortable, you might tell yourself that just one last time for you to have a big meat before your running plan. Alas, there are always reasons existing for you to delay your goal. Even finally you started to run, a correct running posture information spreading on the internet will lead you to feel frustrated. Finally, one month, two months…passed. Your weight was the same as before. This situation flattened you completely. Your plan miscarried.

Actually, running is not a difficult task. The only simple thing is to put up your soft-soled shoes, which are available and affordable on streets, and get started to run one mile. And then the second mile, the third one…, finally you can run 6 miles. As starting to run, you can save money for pro shoes. And now, you have enough money and the old shoes were worn to be replaced. Your weight also lost a lot and got a slim shape. So do not wait to start a goal until well prepared.

To start a running plan is almost the same as to start a digital art learning. When you decided to learn a digital drawing or anything alike, have you ever searched for how to choose a tablet for a beginner? There are so many voices and suggestions on the internet. There are plenty of tablets for you to choose from. Most of the suggestions are to buy a Wacom tablet. As you checked the Wacom and finally found it is out of your budget, you felt frustrated and planned to save money for one. Let’s just forget you failed to save enough money for it. You might also ask which graphics software is good for a newbie? Do any books of digital art suit for a green hand? You might have scanned through a page to page, web to web, in order to find a good suggestion of how to start your learning. However, several months passed, you still remained at the beginning and admired others’ great graphics work on varied web communities.

Now do not to think too much as you determine to learn graphics drawing, just choose an affordable tablet and start to draw. There is a long list of tablets that can satisfy a newbie’s need. The professional tablet has many functions that a beginner won’t used at the initial stage. That is to say, owing one pro tablet means a waste of resources. Just like to play the DNF, aka Dungeon Fighters, a green hand has to stay in the newcomer city where you can do tasks to practice your skills and level up until the levels and skills are great enough so then you can go to do tasks out of the newcomer city. At the beginning stage, even you own a higher equipment, you can’t make full use of it. Instead, it might be a waste. So don’t worry about the tools you used to draw is not professional. The only thing for you is to immediately start your learning drawing with a tablet that is affordable and can meet your basic needs.


Helen Hayes said, “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” So the theory you should follow is that always do the most important thing first. For a losing weight plan, you are not to be a professional runner. The important thing for you is to start running until you can run longer and until you have a desire to be a professional runner then you could think of replacing your shoes to professional racing shoes. While for a digital art learner, the practice of drawing and enhancing your drawing skills are the most important thing. Your tool can be cheap or even have some quality problems, in fact, many tablets being qualified. That won’t decide your drawing life. So snatch up a tablet and begin to draw your first digital art. Your drawing will be more and more adept and you will know when to buy a professional tool.

Quate 'The expert at anything was once a beginner'

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We don’t want our blog being aborted in our mind, that’s why we open our blog now instead of waiting until being an expert in art world. Because we know that we’ll never be prepared well until we take the first step to start out. Come on! Let’s grow up together. We’ll arrive where we want with time. At the beginning, we schedule four kinds of articles. The first is to introduce you blogs that might give you some useful suggestion in your artwork or even in your life. We’ll scan through the blog pages and evaluate whether it is useful. The second is about the trending. Just like Georges Méliès, the trailblazing French illusionist and film director,   had done. He often drew inspiration from current events. We hope you can also get inspiration for your artwork from our post. The third is some beauty about China. We hope these oriental beauty will give you some creative inspiration. The fourth is about some artwork. In fact, our topic might not have boundaries. All that we do is to provide you with some useful things. We’re new, but we’re growing up. Hope you also take your first step in your drawing learning or other plans from now on.


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