GAOMON PD1561 Review Cheap Drawing Tablet For Artists

GAOMON PD1561 Review Cheap Drawing Tablet For Artists

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Pen tablets are relatively cheap and you can even get some for less than 100$. However, for the best drawing experience, you will need a tablet that comes with an inbuilt screen also referred to as a pen display tablet.

Pen display tablets used to be very expensive in the past. In recent years however, there have come up very effective and cheap drawing tablets that have a screen. A good example is the GAOMON PD1561.

In this article we will take a look at the GAOMON PD1561 features and explain them in depth so that you can make an informed decision whether to choose it or not.



Display Size

Active Drawing Area



Color Accuracy

Viewing Angle

Report Rate

Pen Tilt Support

Pen Pressure

Pen Type


Display Type

Left Handed support


Tablet Stand

15.6 inch

344.16 × 193.59mm


1920 x1080 pixels

72% NSTC

178 degrees



8192 levels

Battery Free

10 shortcut keys



3.48 pounds

Free in the box

GAOMON PD1561 Body And Build


GAOMON PD1560 and 1561

The body of the tablet is nice with buttons appearing at the left hand side and screen on the right. This helps navigate through buttons with the left and draw with the right hand.  For left handed artist, the tablet comes with left handed support that you can easily set to your preference.

The tablet comes in a nice black look with overall dimensions a good size for a portable drawing tablet. At only 452.4x252x19.5mm, you can easily carry it around, but you will have to leave the rather bulky stand if you want an entirely small load.

On the left side of the tablet you have 5 Menu Keys  AUTO/+ /- /MENU/POWER. You can use them to adjust contrast, color and brightness.

Screen Display And Resolution

The tablet comes with a 15.6 inches screen size that is larger than most similar tablets in its price range. A good tablet for drawing should have a large enough working area for comfort in drawing and note taking. The GAOMON PD1561 has a large active area of 13.5×7.6 inches.

When using a tablet or phone and viewing the screen at an angle, sometimes the screen displays elements in the surrounding. GAOMON PD1561 screen eradicates this with a large 168 degrees viewing angle. This means that even if you look at your screen even in outdoor and bright environments, you will still view the high quality image on the screen.

The Screen has 1920×1080 pixel HD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. This means that the screen produces crisp and clear display. Additionally you will be able to view vibrant and realistic looking colors thanks to a wide color Gamut of up to 72% NSTC. Color Gamut simply refers to the number or range of colors possible to be achieved by a digital screen. Although sRGB is the best, 72% NSTC is good enough for your drawing needs.

If you have used GAOMON PD1560’s smooth screen, the new antiglare film on the PD1561 screen will feel a little different, but you will get used in a short while and will sure love it. This film makes for a natural paper like feel when drawing on the tablet. Additionally, the film protects your eyes from direct light.

How To Set Up GAOMON PD1561 Set Up

The tablets screen is quite big and must be used with a stand for the best experience.GAOMON PD1560, comes with a strong easy to install stand. All you have to do is screw the stand onto the 4 holes at the back of the tablet.

Additionally the metal base and plastic top makes the tablet both durable and soft enough not to scratch your tablets body.

What is great is that you will get all the things you need to mount the tablet packed in the box on purchase so do not worry.

You can easily tilt it to a wide range of angles to your comfortability as you create your digital art.

It would however have been great if they added some rubber base on the tablets body to avoid sliding when used with the stand on slippery tables. The stand is also a little bulky which can be a problem if you need it as a portable tablet. All in all the stand is a great solution for set up on a desk, plus it is free.

Stylus Pen

GAOMON PD1561 comes with a nice pen design that is comfortable to use for long thanks to its nice ergonomic design. The pen has a plus or minus 60 degrees tilt recognition that allows you to draw different kinds of lines with ease.

This feature was not present in the earlier PD1560 version and comes in handy especially when drawing different line thickness.

The pen is battery free so you will not need to keep charging it. Another great thing is the high 8192 pressure levels and 5080 LPI (lines per inch) similar to that found in other more expensive tablets.

You will also get a free pen holder to place your stylus safely and 8 replacement nibs.

What is LPI in a drawing tablet and how much do I need

LPI or lines per inch is simply the pen resolution. It refers to the maximum number of lines that can be drawn on an inch of your tablet screen. Anywhere from 1000 LPI is good enough for artists so 5080 LPI is excellent.

±0.5mm (center)\±3mm (corner) accuracy and 266 report rate means that the tablet pen does not lag with your lines following your tablets nib as you draw. If you have lots of lags on your GAOMON tablet, try checking your CPU’s usage.

Shortcut Keys

Customizable buttons that you can set to your desired shortcuts come in handy for artists. This is because you can set them to any of your desired or most used action. The PD1561 comes with 10 shortcut buttons on the tablet and 2 additional ones on the pen.

One of the pen buttons is on default set as an eraser but you can change it to any one you prefer.

GAOMON PD1561 Shorrtcuts

Connectivity And Compatibility

The tablet works well with both Windows and Mac systems. Unfortunately one downside is that both PD1560 and PD561do not support Android and Chromebook.


How to connect GAOMON PD1561 to a computer

How To Set Up And Install GAOMON PD1561 Drivers

  • Remove all cables inserted in your Computer
  • Download  PD1561 drivers
  • Unzip to a folder
  • Look for the setup with .exe extension file and Double click

After installation, you can connect to your computer using the mini HDMI and USB C that goes into your tablet and a mini HDMI and full USB for the computer end. The 3 in 1 adapter comes with the tablet and the extra port is for power connection.

Some computers may not have some of the necessary ports or may not be working for some reason. If this is your device, then you need to get a USB hub Type C adapter separately. 

Can You Use The GAOMON PD1560 And PD561 Without A Computer?

No. Both tablets must have a computer connection to use. They are not standalone and fully portable, but can be referred as semi portable tablets. You can carry them on your travel but you have to carry your laptop with you.


GAOMON PD1561 is an upgrade from the GAOMON PD1560. However, not a lot has changed from the upgrade. One notable improvement is the tilt recognition on the PD1561 that was not present in the previous versions.

Both screen are large, crisp and clear with a high resolution that match up to most other tablets in their price range. They both have a large working area that is comfortable to use especially with the free stand.

The antiglare film is great and gives a natural paper like feel, however most modern drawing tablets have a better laminated screen.

Overall GAOMON PD1561 is a good art tablet for both beginners and pro artists. However if you are on a budget the GAOMONn PD1560 is the best alternative if you are looking for a great tablet on a budget. You get almost similar features with the more expensive PD561.


  • Large Display size and resolution
  • Good battery free Pen
  • 10 customizable Shortcut keys and 2 on pen
  • Left hand support
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Affordable Price
  • Comes with a stand
  • Tilt recognition and high Pen LPI resolution


  • Not compatible with Android and Chromebook
  • GAOMON PD1561 not a standalone tablet
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