GAOMON Drawing Contest — Create Your Christmas Planet

GAOMON Drawing Contest — Create Your Christmas Planet

Christmas planet

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Use Your Imagination!

Imagine there’s a Christmas Planet and every day is Christmas holiday on the planet. What do you think it looks like. Draw it out.  Show us your brilliant imagination!

Create Your Christmas Planet Artwork_Artcontest host by GAOMON

Reference for
Christmas Planet

What’re the elements should be included in your artworks:

Include but not limited to people, buildings, decoration, and holiday atmosphere.


December 20 – January 10

Contest_competition timeline111



January 11

Contest_competition timeline111



January 11 – January 16

Contest_competition timeline111



January 17

Contest_competition timeline111




Grand Prize (1 winner)

PD156 PRO Pen Display

  • 15.6 Inch IPS Monitor
  • 8192 Levels Battery-free Pen
  • 1 Functional Quick Dial

Runner-up Prize (2 winners)

M10K 2018 Pen Tablet

Third Prize (3 winners)

S630 Pen Tablet

Participation Award

10%OFF of GAOMON Store for Every Participant

How to Enter

1. Have one of the following social media accounts and follow GAOMON(Instagram/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter) 

2. Post your “Christmas Planet” artworks on your social media accounts with the hashtags (#gaomon #gaomonart #christmas #gaomonpentablet #gaomoncontest  #art #artcontest)

3. Send your artworks to GAOMON by email


Submission of entries

———December 20 – January 10

1. You must have one of the following social media accounts

2. Post your “Christmas Planet” artworks on your social media accounts with the hashtags #gaomon #gaomonart #gaomonpentablet #gaomoncontest #christmas #art #artcontest from December 20, 2021 to 11:59 PDT, January 10, 2022. 

3. Send your original artwork to

Popularity votes

———January 11 – January 16

1. On January 11th, we will select the promoted works that is qualified to the next round and upload it to GAOMON official Instagram/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter page. We will notify the promoted participants via message or email

Criteria for Judging of promoted artworks:

a. Relevance to the Theme (20%)

b. Overall aesthetic appeal (20%)

c. Creativity and originality (30%)

d. Quality of artistic composition (30%)

2. From January 11th to 16th, the promoted participants can invite people to like your artworks.

Winner announcement

———January 17

1. After 23:59 on January 10th, 2022, we will count the total number of likes for all promoted works, the top 6 finalists with the most likes will be the winners

Total number of likes of work =

Number of likes on your Instagram/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter (choose the most liked post) × 40%


Number of likes on GAOMON Instagram/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter official channels (choose the most liked post) × 60%

2. We will announce the winners on January 17, 2022 and will publish the winners on our official blog as well as on our social media channels. We will notify the winners via email and message to claim the prizes

3. All participants will receive the 10% coupon of GAOMON store by email when the contest is over


» The contest is open to traditional art and digital art

» The artwork must be original creation by the participant. participants must have the full copyrights on them

» Photographies, photo manipulations and collages are not accepted

» Sensitive content is not allowed (Pornography, violence and insulting)

» Image size is not limited, File size must not exceed 10MBs

    (We suggest a minimum of 600 pixels on the longest side so the judge has enough resolution to discern details)

» Only .JPG or .PNG image file formats will be accepted

» The original image must be submitted to by e-mail after the artworks is posted on Instagram

 (It would be better if you leave a link to your instagram page)

» Picture name: Instagram ID_Christmas Planet (for example: Smith_Christmas Planet)


Q: Are there regional restrictions?

A: The challenge is open to worldwide


Q: Can I just send my artwork to GAOMON email without posting it on social media account?

A: No, you must post your work on your social media account and send the original picture to our email. If you only finish one step, you will not be able to participate in this competition


Q: Do I need to be responsible for the cost of product shipping if I have won a prize?

A: We will be responsible for the shipping of the prizes, but any additional taxes and fees should be paid by the winner


Q: What if I have the same number of likes as others?

A: We will hold another vote on Instagram if the number of likes is the same, and the voting result will be public to the participants

We will post some great works on GAOMON Pinterest page during the contest, this will not have any effect with contest result (please let us know if you mind putting your work on other platforms, we fully respect any choice of participants)

If you have questions regarding the contest theme or rules, please contact us at

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