How to Do When Cursor Being Frozen?—for AP20, AP40

How to Do When Cursor Being Frozen?—for AP20, AP40

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When the cursor is frozen or stuck, that is to say, you can’t move it by using your stylus, when you met this issue, please charge the stylus firstly.

Method 1: charge the stylus

  • About 1 to 2 hours of charging is enough for GAOMON rechargeable pen.
  • The charging indicator is in the middle of the stylus.
    • AP20: Its indicator is red when charging. When the light gradually fades away, its electricity is full.
    • AP40 (for PD1560): a strong white light means the pen is charging, and a slight white light means the pen is full.
ArtPaint 20 indicator is red while ArtPaint 40 white when charging

The left one is ArtPaint 20. When charging, its indicator is in red.
The right one is ArtPaint 40. When charging, its indicator is in white.

If this method didn’t fix your issue, please keep the stylus charging and do as following steps.

Method 2: Make sure the driver connected

Open GAOMON driver and you can see the device status in its left lower corner.

If it was ‘Device disconnected’, please make it be connected.

When your tablet is M106K, please go How to Do When M106K Disconnected

while PD1560,  go How to Do When PD1560 Disconnected.

GAOMON driver shows 'Device Connected' in Mac--cursor offset in GAOMON

After your driver shows ‘Device connected’, if your stylus still can’t move the cursor, please do:

  • Keep it charging and make a video of operating this stylus to move the cursor.
  • Email this video to


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More questions,  please feel free to contact us here: GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM.

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