How to Fix the ‘Device Disconnected’ of PD1560?

How to Fix the ‘Device Disconnected’ of PD1560?

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Driver Interface shows ‘Device disconnected’


It might be caused by the driver failing to recognize PD1560. Thus, the driver icon will be in gray like thisthe driver icon of PD1560/ M106K will be in gray color in the System Tray while its interface will show you ‘Device disconnected’ in its left lower corner.

When the driver icon in the System Tray is in golden like thisWhen GAOMON driver icon is in golden color, the tablet has connected to the computer. and its interface shows you ‘Device connected’ in its lower left corner, the driver has recognized the device successfully.

Therefore, when you meet this issue ‘Device disconnected’, please try the following solutions to resolve it.

Method 1: to re-plug cables

Click here to get details about How to Connect PD1560 to Computer Correctly?

Replug the HDMI and USB connectors and ensure them being plugged firmly to PD1560. And please make sure the circled connectors plugged in tightly without a gap as the following shown.

cable too tight to plug in

how to plug cables to PD1560 firmly

Note the red part.

If this solution failed to make the driver recognize PD1560, please try the following solutions.

Method 2: to re-install the driver correctly

Go here[1] to learn how to re-install the driver correctly. Before that, you should pay attention to these important things:

  • Disconnect all the tablet cables from the computer before installation.
  • Uninstall all the existing tablet drivers completely, including other brand tablet drivers, such as Wacom’s.
  • Close all anti-virus software and all drawing software.
  • ‘Run as an administrator’ while installing the new driver.
  • DON’T change the installation path while installing.

After installation of the driver, go to check whether the driver connected or not (try unplug-plug cables couple of times). If still not, please do next solution.

Method 3: to plug into another USB port on the computer

Plug the USB connector, marked as ③, of the Connection Cables to another USB port on the computer.

Please make sure all cables have firmly connected to the computer and PD1560.replug the USB connector of GAOMON PD1560, marked as thress into another usb port on the computer

If still disconnected, please do next solution.

Method 4: to judge whether the issue caused by the driver or not

If the cursor moved, but the driver still shows ‘Device disconnected’, it means the issue isn’t caused by PD1560 or stylus. In this case, please send an email to with your issue description and the result of these solutions.

If it didn’t move, please try the following solution.

Method 5: to work on another computer

  • Prepare another computer.
  • Don’t install the GAOMON driver on this new computer.
  • Connect your PD1560 to this computer. Make sure the tablet cables have connected firmly.
  • Use the tablet pen as a mouse to move the cursor (make sure the pen full of power).

No matter it moves or not, please send an email to Tell us the results that you have gotten from practicing these solutions.

Method 6:to re-install the windows driver–v13.15.42

When you have tried all the methods mentioned above and your computer system is Windows 7, the issue ‘Device disconnected’ still exists but the cursor can be moved by operating the stylus, please go to download GAOMON windows driver–v13.15.42

Before reinstalling this driver, please

While installing it, please

  • run this driver as administrator
  • don’t change the default installation path

Here is the correct way to install a driver: How to Install/Re-install the Driver Correctly?

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Any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re always here for you. You can submit your issue from here: GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM.

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