RT & Follow to Win Graphics Tablet, Raffle on Twitter

RT & Follow to Win Graphics Tablet, Raffle on Twitter

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This last three-month raffle on Twitter is bound together with GAOMON Mascot Contest where you would be possible to win a screen tablet, PD1560, home by designing mascot characters for GAOMON. It’s a part of GAOMON Mascot Contest and easy to take part in. 

In this raffle, by RETWEET & FOLLOW, you can take away a graphics tablet, M106K. It’s used as a substitute for the mouse while doing digital work, drawing etc. on your computer. Click here to get more details [details of M106K]

M106K: prize for raffle on Twitter in GAOMON Mascot Contest


Who you need to Retweet & Follow?

  1. Go and RETWEET this page–the raffle on Twitter: http://bit.ly/gaomoncontest
  2. FOLLOW @Gaomonpentablet and @TheArtBond on Twitter

Something you should notice

  • START from Sep. 3rd and END on Nov. 30th
  • Winner will be released after 14 days since the end of GAOMON Mascot Contest
  • A maximum of two Twitter accounts are acceptable, which should be yours and be public and active with an avatar, description, activity, etc.
  • 72 hours are for you to claim your prize if you won. Another winner will be selected when you failed to reply to us within this 72 hours.

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