Cursor Not on PD1560 but on iMac/MacBook

Cursor Not on PD1560 but on iMac/MacBook

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Question: I want the cursor being under my pen nib (only on my PD1560 display) not on another monitor when I draw on PD1560 with the digital stylus. But it isn’t there.

Reason: This issue happens when you don’t select Mirroring Display in Arrangement of Display and set the wrong display as the current one in GAOMON Diver. What you should do is to select the right display, which is PD1560, as the work area in GAOMON driver as you disable Mirroring Display. Please do as following steps.

If you were left-handed, please go to How to Set Left-handed Mode of PD1560 in Mac OS?  to get solutions. The correct way to set left-handed mode will not cause this issue.

For right-handed users, please do as following steps.

Firstly, make sure that GAOMON driver has been recognized by your display.

  • Connect PD1560 to the computer based on macOS.
  • Boot the computer and then open the GAOMON Driver Interface

If the driver showed ‘Device disconnected’ in its lower left corner, please go How to Fix the ‘Device Disconnected’ of PD1560? If it showed ‘Device connected’,  please do as the following solutions to set the configuration of displays.

GAOMON driver shows 'Device Connected' in Mac--cursor offset in GAOMON


Secondly, to select ‘PD1560’ as ‘Current Display’ in GAOMON driver

Precondition: When disable ‘mirroring displays’ in ‘Display’, ‘System Preferences’, it is called to set Extend mode.

  • Open the GAOMON driver interface and click ‘ Work Area’.
  • Select ‘PD1560’ whose resolution is 1920 x 1080 as ‘Current Display’ from the drop-down menu of ‘Select Current Display’.

Display with reslution 1920 x 1080

Generally, the resolution of PD1560 is higher than that of iMac/MacBook and will be recognized as Display2: 1920 x 1080 in GAOMON driver while in Extension mode.

If you couldn’t recognize which one represents PD1560 from the three options: Display1, Display2, All Display, you can go Display1, Display2, and All Displays. Which One Is PD1560? to get instructions.

When you select Mac Monitor as the ‘Current Display’ and draw on PD1560, there will be no cursor on PD1560, and it is on the Mac monitor.

When you select ‘All Display’ as the ‘Current Display’, the Mac monitor and PD1560 will be treated as one display. When you move the stylus on PD1560, the cursor will move both on the two display.

  • After select ‘PD1560’ as ‘Current Display’, please remember to click ‘Full Area’ and then click ‘Apply’ to save changes.

select PD1560--full area--0 degree--right-handed mode for GAOMON PD1560 in Mac OS

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If this solution failed to help you, please feel free to contact us. We’re always here for you. You can submit your issue from here: GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM.


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Don´t work for me.. Please Help. When I select the display 2 or full display and then click on apply, returns to display 1. I’ve followed all the steps. “After select ‘PD1560’ as ‘Current Display’, please remember to click ‘Full Area’ and then click ‘Apply’ to save changes.”
I have macOS Mojave 10.14.1, MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Graphis Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB. II bought the tablet last week. I bought the tablet last week.


Hola! tengo program con mi tabla Gaomon pd1560 , hay un área de la pantalla, que cuando uso el lápiz sobre el , el cursor se pone loco , no es estable y pasa demasiado rapido sin seguir el movimiento de mi mano, no se por que , por favor podrian ayudarme


I’ve tried this but it also does not work for me. I do not have this issue with my laptop, only my desktop. Please help, I really want to use this tablet as an extended second monitor. I know the screen itself works because when I calibrate the monitor the tablet responds to the pen… But the cursor just wont carry over from my main monitor to my second one (gaomon pd1560) despite having already selected it as my current display work area.


I’m on windows and i’m still having problems with the pen. The cursor shows but when i put the pen onto the tablet it doesn’t move and i can’t press anything. I’ve tried disconnecting my mouse, resetting everything, nothing has worked. Is there something I missed?