Driver Update Notification for Mac Users

Driver Update Notification for Mac Users

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Dear GAOMON friends, here comes our latest driver, GAOMONTablet_MacDriver_14.3.10 (below will be called as v.14) for Mac Users.

Many updates are made to improve the user experience. For example, the methods to set Express Keys become easier than the old one. What you need to do is to press the key to map it on a button (we’ll introduce it in another article). A gear is offered for you to uninstall the driver with only one gear-click. It also will help to solve most issues that happened in the older drivers.

Steps to Install V.14

When you are the first time to use GAOMON tablet and you haven’t installed GAOMON driver in your computer ever, please do

Step 1: Download Driver

Download the driver: GaomonTablet_v14.3.10(9.6MB). Please make sure you’ve done it totally;

Step 2: Install Driver

  • Click the installation package and it will pop out a box like below picture.

drag gaomon into application

  • Drag GaomonTablet icon upon ‘Applications’ and hold on for a while until it enters in ‘Applications’ folder. You would see it is installing.

GAOMON driver is installing

  • Double click ‘GaomonTablet’ and select ‘Open’ to run the driver.

Double click to open GAOMON driver

Make sure Driver connected

Step 3: Set Up ‘Security & Privacy’ (Only for macOS Mojave 10.14 users)

ONLY macOS Mojave 10.14 users need to do this step.

Bring out ‘Security & Privacy’ and put GaomonTablet and TabletDriverAgent into the whitelist of macOS.

There are two ways to bring out ‘Security & Privacy’.

Method 1: Use the stylus nib to draw on the tablet, the window of ‘Accessibility Access’  might bring out. Select ‘Open System Preferences’, ‘Security & Privacy’ will show.

remind box

Method 2: Click Apple icon–>select ‘System Preferences’–>Find out ‘Security&Privacy’

search security & private

Now ‘Security & Privacy’ goes out.

Agent is not selected

  • TabletDriverAgent is in the whitelist, but it is not checked. (If it not in, please check ISSUE After Update to v.14 ) And do:

1/ Click the lock icon lock to unlock and input your password;

2/ Then tick ‘TabletDriverAgent’;

3/ Click ‘‘ and it will bring out another box.

tick TabletDriverAgent (2)

  • Go Applications–> find out GaomonTablet and click ‘Open’ to add it into the whitelist

find out GaomonTablet

  • Now GaomonTablet and TabletDriverAgent both in the whitelist.

Tick ‘GaomonTablet’ circled in red and click the lock icon.

tick GaomonTablet

Now, you’ve finished installing the new driver, v.14. Enjoy it.

Steps to Update From v.13 to v.14

When you are using GAOMON tablet and have installed the v.13 driver, and need to update to v.14, firstly please uninstall v.13 correctly and then install v.14 by below steps.

  • Go ‘Finder’–>’Applications’, and find the folder ‘GaomonTablet’

find GaomonTablet folder

  • Open ‘GaomonTablet’ and click ‘TabletDriverUninstall’, then select ‘Uninstall Driver’

Uninstall TabletDriver

  • Input your Mac account password and wait for it to finish uninstalling.
  • RESTART your computer if a box appeared and reminded as below screenshot.

GAOMONTABLETuninstall quit unexpectedly

ISSUE After Update to v.14

After updating to v.14 with a wrong way, if you met below issues:

  1. User Interface in a mess
  2. No pen pressure
  3. Don’t search out ‘TabletDriverAgent’ and fail to add it in the whitelist

or other issues. Please uninstall the v.14 driver as below steps:

  • Click the gear in the upper right corner in GAOMON driver to Uninstall the v.14.

uninstall GAOMON driver by using the gear

  • Click Uninstall to unload.

Click Uninstall to unload GAOMON Driver

  • After uninstalling v.14, please delete the installation package and restart your computer
  • Then install v.14 again by following the first part: Steps to Install v.14

Error: GaomonTablet quit unexpectedly

If the driver reminded ‘GAOMON quit unexpectedly’ shown as below screenshot, when you click it, no matter which driver version you are using, please do

GAOMON driver quit unexpectedly

Video Tutorial: Install and Uninstall Driver v.14

Below is a video demonstration for your reference to install and uninstall Driver v.14.

Any suggestions and questions, please feel free to tell us. You can find us from GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM.

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adi aviram

Hello Gaomon team ! unfortunately i installed Mojave 10.14 , and the driver don’t work for my new tablet.
I tried to install the new driver you suggested but It won’t open, I always get an error when try to open it.
any solutions ? please contact me 🙂 !!!

Ziyad Alamry
Ziyad Alamry

Where can i find tablet driver agent?

Aitor Bofarull
Aitor Bofarull

Buenas! Hoy he ido a conectar la tableta y no funcionaba; he probado todos los pasos necesarios y ni aún así (no me aparece el Tablet Driver Agent en ningún lado). Creo que puede deberse a que se haya actualizado el Mojave a 10.14.5 y que el driver más reciente sea de 14.10.3 y no sea compatible. ¿Alguna idea de cómo solucionarlo? Necesito la tableta para trabajar! Muchas gracias.


the pen can’t move cursor after the update of mac and the driver you suggested can’t open it always shows an error when i try open it please i need help !!!

malek almarshdi
malek almarshdi

hi I use Catalina macOS. its Told me should update the software from the developer?
Does this mean that it does not work on the latest version of macOS ?
I just bought it ?