How to Set Left-handed Mode for Windows Users (Projector only mode)

How to Set Left-handed Mode for Windows Users (Projector only mode)

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Wrongly setting left-handed mode of PD1560 will cause the cursor being offset or not going along with the stylus nib. Therefore, please follow below instructions to set left-handed mode correctly.

There are four display modes in Windows system. They are Duplicate, Extend, Computer only and Projector only. No matter which mode you decide to use, there are two must-doing things to set the left-handed mode of PD1560. They are

1) to set ‘Orientation’ as ‘landscape flipped’ in computer Control Panel;

2) to set ‘Rotate’ as ‘180°’ in GAOMON driver.

Here we use:

Device model: PD1560
Tablet driver: win 13.15.19
OS System: Windows 7


Firstly, to make sure that GAOMON driver has been recognized by your device

  • Open GAOMON driver interface, and check the connection status in the left lower corner.

Device disconnected

  • If it was ‘Device connected’, do the following steps.

Secondly, to set the size of text to ‘Smaller-100%’

  • Click ‘Start’ start menu of windows systemand then ‘Control Panel’

Select control panel

  • Type ‘screen’ in the search box and select ‘Make text and other items larger or smaller’ in the menu of ‘Display’

type 'screen' in search box

  • Select ‘Smaller-100%’ and then click ‘Apply’, ‘Log off now’ to save changes

Tick “Smaller-100%” and click ‘Apply’ while resolving GAOMON offset issue

Thirdly, to set ‘Orientation’ as ‘landscape flipped’

  • Go ‘Start’ start menu of windows system–>Control Panel–>search ‘screen’–>select ‘Adjust screen resolution’

Type 'screen' in the search box and select 'Adjust screen resolution' to bring up the window of 'Screen resolution'

  • Enter ‘Projector only’ mode and set the display of PD1560 flipped. Below is an after-set screenshot for your reference.

  1. Display menu: there are two options and select the one named with ‘PD1560’ to make sure below changes (point 2 and 3) be on PD1560 not on the computer monitor.

Because figure ‘2’ appears before ‘PD1560’ in ‘Display’ menu, all of the three ‘2’ in this interface will represent PD1560. If it was figure ‘1’ before ‘PD1560’, all ‘1’ there will represent PD1560.

  1. Multiple displays menu: Select ‘Show desktop only on 2

This menu is to enter one display mode of the four modes (Extend mode, Duplicate mode, Projector only, Computer only). To use ‘Projector only’ mode means to show desktop only on PD1560 and make the computer monitor be sleep. And because figure ‘2’ in this interface represents PD1560 (we get it from Display menu). Thus we should select ‘Show desktop only on 2’.

PS: if the figure before PD1560 is ‘1’ in ‘Display’ menu, then there should select ‘Show desktop only on 1’.

  1. Orientation menu: Select ‘Landscape (flipped)‘ to make the desktop of PD1560 be upside down. And then click ‘Apply’ and ‘keep changes’ to save changes.

Fourthly, to set ‘Rotate’ as 180 degrees

  • Please turn PD1560 for 180° to make Express Keys at the right-hand side.
  • Open the GAOMON driver interface and click ‘Work Area’ from the top title menu.
  • In Projector only mode, there is only one option: Display 1 in the menu of ‘Select Current Display’.

You just need to set ‘Rotate’ as 180° as the below screenshot shows: click ‘Full Screen Area’–> click ‘Full Area’ –> select ‘180 °’ to set Rotate settings –> click ‘Apply’

set Rotate as 180 degrees -- left handed mode

Now you can use PD1560 under left-handed mode. Enjoy it!

Video Tutorial

Any questions or suggestions. Please feel free to tell us. You can submit your issue from here: GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM.

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