How to Set Left-handed Mode for Windows Users (Extend mode)

How to Set Left-handed Mode for Windows Users (Extend mode)

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Wrongly setting left-handed mode of PD1560 will cause the cursor being offset or not going along with the stylus nib.

There are four display modes in Windows system. They are Duplicate, Extend, Computer only and Projector only. No matter which mode you decide to use, there are two must-doing things to set the left-handed mode of PD1560. They are

1) to set ‘Orientation’ as ‘landscape flipped’ in computer Control Panel;

2) to set ‘Rotate’ as ‘180°’ in GAOMON driver.

Please follow below instructions while setting left-handed mode.

Here we use:

Device model: PD1560
Version of Driver: win 13.15.19  (The latest version: win V14.7.63.)
OS System: Windows 7


Firstly, to make sure that GAOMON driver has been recognized by your device

  • Open GAOMON driver interface, and check the connection status in the left lower corner.

Device disconnected

Secondly, to set the size of text to ‘Smaller-100%’

  • Click ‘Start’ start menu of windows systemand then ‘Control Panel’

Select control panel

  • Type ‘screen’ in the search box and select ‘Make text and other items larger or smaller’ in the menu of ‘Display’

type 'screen' in search box

  • Select ‘Smaller-100%’ and then click ‘Apply’, ‘Log off now’ to save changes

Tick “Smaller-100%” and click ‘Apply’ while resolving GAOMON offset issue

Thirdly, to set ‘Orientation’ as ‘landscape flipped’

  • Press ‘Windows’ + ‘P’ keys (shortcut combination) on your keyboard

Simultaneously press the ‘window’ + ‘P’ key on your keyboard

  • Select one mode to use from the four options.

select Extend mode on the computer monitor

  • Go ‘Start’ start menu of windows system–>Control Panel–>search ‘screen’–>select ‘Adjust screen resolution’

Type 'screen' in the search box and select 'Adjust screen resolution' to bring up the window of 'Screen resolution'

  • To set PD1560 as the main display

Set PD1560 as the main display--GAOMON graphics tablet

  1. Display: select ‘PD1560’. This step is to make sure that other changes in this picture are on the display of PD1560.
  2. Select ‘Make this my main display’
  3. Click ‘Apply’
  • Which display is set as Main display, and then it will show as an option appended with Main screen ( or MainDisplay in the v.13 driver) .

Now your main display is set as PD1560. In GAOMON driver, the option with ‘Main screen’ or ‘MainDisplay’ will be PD1560 shown as below screenshot.

Main screen shows in GAOMON driver--GAOMON graphics tablet

So in GAOMON driver,

Display 1 without Main screen is Computer Monitor;

Display 2 with Main screen is PD1560;

All Dispaly is adding Computer monitor and PD1560 as one display.

But if you set Computer monitor as the main display, then the option with  Main screen in GAOMON driver will be Computer Monitor.

  • To set PD1560 flipped

Set PD1560 flipped for left handed mode--GAOMON graphics tablet

Please do set the menu as below steps

  1. Display: select ‘PD1560’, no matter whether it is prefixed with 1 or 2
  2. Resolution: select ‘1920 x 1080(recommended)’
  3. Orientation: select ‘Landscape(flipped)’
  4. Multiple displays: Extend these displays
  5. Click ‘Apply’ and select ‘Keep changes’ from the pop-up window

Notice: please keep Computer monitor as Landscape. Don’t set it as Landscape(flipped)

Keep computer monitor NOT flippedSet PD1560 flipped for left handed mode--GAOMON graphics tablet

Fourthly, to set ‘Rotate’ as 180 degrees

  • Please turn PD1560 for 180° to make Express Keys at the right-hand side.
  • Open the GAOMON driver interface and click ‘Work Area’ from the top tab.
  • Pay attention to Select Current Display. It is to select a screen between your computer and PD1560 as Current Display where your cursor will move on while you drawing on PD1560.

Because PD1560 is a screen tablet. Most of screen tablet users hope the cursor only moves on the desktop of PD1560 when drawing on it. So to make the cursor only moves on PD1560, you should select the option who represents PD1560 as the current display.

But there are three options (Display 1, Display 2, All Display), which one represents PD1560? ‘MainDislay‘ appended with one of the options will help you to figure out PD1560.

Main screen shows in GAOMON driver--GAOMON graphics tablet

Remember that in the third section, PD1560 is set as the main display.Thus

‘Display 1’ appends without Main screen is the computer monitor.

 ‘Display 2’ with Main screen is PD1560. We then select ‘Display 2’ as Current Display.

All Dispaly is adding Computer monitor and PD1560 as one display.

So to make the cursor move on your PD1560, you should select Display 2.

  • Do as the screenshot shows (now PD1560 is the main display). 

Set left handed mode in GAOMON driver--GAOMON graphics tablet

  1. ‘Current Display’ should be PD1560.
  2. Click the ‘Full Screen’ button
  3. Click ‘Full Area’ button
  4. Select ‘180°’ from the options of ‘Rotate’
  5. Click ‘Apply’ to save changes.

Now you can use PD1560 under left-handed mode. Enjoy it!

Video Tutorial

This video shows how to install and uninstall the driver v14. Thanks for watching and sharing.

Any questions or suggestions. Please feel free to tell us. You can submit your issue from here: GAOMON SUPPORT TEAM.

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