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This is a table of content for Frequently Asked Questions that you might meet.

Each title will lead you to its relevant resolution post.

    1. How to Install/Re-install the Driver Correctly?
    2. How to Solve the Connection Issue of S56K and M106K
    3. S56K Tablet Do Not Work and A Red ‘X’ Always on the Driver Icon
    4. Why Does the Box “The program is running” Pop out When I Click the Driver Icon of S56K Tablet?
    5. How to Solve the Issue ‘Don’t Respond in ZBrush 4R8‘?
    6. Run S56K and M106K Tablet on Linux System
    7. How to Do When the Pen ArtPaint AP10 of S56K does not Work
    8. How to Do When Stylus Not Work?—for AP 20, AP40 
    9. Solutions for No Sense of Pressure When Drawing
    10. No Pen Pressure in Krita?
    11. No Pen Pressure in Krita – Mac OS?
    12. How to Do When PD 1560 Has No Pen Pressure
    13. How to Set Pen Pressure in Photoshop?
    14. How to Connect PD1560 to Computer Correctly?
    15. How to Fix the ‘Device Disconnected’ of PD1560?
    16. Display1, Display2, and All Displays. Which One Is Current Display?
    17. How to Do When PD 1560 Darkens and Shows ‘No Signal’, ‘Power Saving’
    18. How to Set Left-handed Mode of PD1560 in Mac OS?
    19. How to Set PD1560 in Extended Mode of Windows?
    20. How to Calibrate When Cursor Offset / Deviates?
    21. How to Fix Cursor Offset in Left-handed Mode of PD1560 in Windows
    22. How to Fix Cursor Offset in Left-handed Mode of PD1560 in Mac OS
    23. How to Solve Cursor Offset for a Right-Hander in Windows?
    24. How to Solve Cursor Offset for a Right-Hander in Mac OS
    25. You Don’t Have Permission in Mac OS When Installing Driver
    26. How to Apply the Screen Protector on the Display of PD1560?
    27. Why No Sound Out with PD1560 Connecting to the Computer?
    28. No Icons But Only Wallpaper on Desktop/PD1560?
    29. Black Bars on the Four Sides of PD1560–Windows
    30. Black Bars on the Four Sides of PD1560 — macOS
    31. What Might Cause the Inoperative of Express Keys?
    32. How To Save Express Keys Setting When There Are Few Drawing Software
    33. The Thickness of the Paper GAOMON LED Light Box Can Penetrate Through
    34. How to Comment, Highlight and Sign on PDF Like on Real Paper
    35. How to Use Pen Tablet to Sign, Annotate, or Comment on Microsoft Office Files Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
    36. How to Do When Cursor Delays/ Lags?
    37. How to Do When Cursor Delays in Photoshop
    38. Delays or Doesn’t Work in SAI
    39. Fail to Switch Hand Tool to Pen Tool in Photoshop
    40. How to Do When Tools Go Wrong in Photoshop?
    41. Why Does the Straight Line Curve, Bend, Break and the Cursor Jitter, the Ink Leak?
    42. How to Do When Lines Tremble in Sai?
    43. How to Do When a Dot Left at the End of a Line?

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